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Discover When Doctors Say You’re Fine by Kristin Dainis – Your Guide to Regaining Your Health from Severe, Undiagnosed Symptoms

Cover of When Doctors Say You're Fine: How to regain your life after years of dismissed symptoms.

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About The Author

Meet Kristin Dainis

Kristin’s decade-long journey through illness created a passion for understanding what it really takes to heal. After being led astray and confused by conventional wellness advice many times, Kristin’s mission now is to guide others through the lessons she learned the hard way, offering strategies and support to escape the depths of severe, mysterious, undiagnosed illness and reclaim your vitality.

Author, Healing Journey Mentor, Healing Team Recruiter
Cover of When Doctors Say You're Fine: How to regain your life after years of dismissed symptoms.

About The Book

Cover of When Doctors Say You're Fine: How to regain your life after years of dismissed symptoms.

When Doctors Say You’re Fine is more than a book; it’s a lifeline for those feeling lost in their health journey.

Split between actionable strategies and Kristin’s recovery story, this guide confronts the reality of being dismissed by conventional medicine.

Through her personal tale of overcoming three distinct health crises, Kristin shows how resilience, self-advocacy, and tailored approaches can lead to reclaiming your life.

The strategies are organized into five core healing pillars:

PART 1   |   You’re Great at Finding What Doesn’t Work: Becoming the Healing Expedition Lead

    • Achieve effective self-advocacy through greater self compassion.
    • Build an ideal-for-you Healing Team.

PART 2   |   There is No Magic Bullet: Health and Healing Are Multifaceted

    • Proven processes to discover what makes the biggest impact on your healing journey.
    • The best strategy for testing treatments.

PART 3   |   Set the Pace

    • How to live at the pace of sustainable healing, even when that’s against your nature.
    • Find your fastest rate of healing by working with your body’s messages, even if you don’t feel them or know how to translate them.

PART 4   |   Create Emotional Wholeness

    • Science has shown your biology unlocks its greatest healing capabilities when you learn to dance with all of your emotions.
    • Learn how to be your whole self, and why that will help you reclaim your life.

PART 5   |   How to Keep Going

    • How to avoid burnout when the healing gets tough.
    • Insights on avoiding relapse to stay well.

When Doctors Say You’re Fine is the culmination of wisdom collected through more than a decade of intense healing work.

It is the 30,000 foot view of the entire healing process, end to end, across all modalities one can use to heal. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all treatment protocol or diet here.

This book is the big picture of finding what you need to heal your body.

What Readers Are Saying

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Love, love, love your title. SO MANY women are going through this with their doctors. They need this book!
Reading WDSYF felt as if I was magically in conversation with a close friend that understood what I was feeling and experiencing at a time I needed it most.
Jacquelynn Perkins
"a helpful, careful, non-pretentious self-help book"
Joseph D.
This isn’t just a book; it’s a companion on my journey to better health. Kristin’s honesty and strategies have been invaluable.
Alex R.

Kristin's Healing Journey

Kristin Dainis' Health Timeline Simple View

From corporate consultant to medically unemployed, Kristin’s life took an unexpected turn when mysterious energy crashes derailed her busy life at 26 years old. What followed was a challenging expedition through doctor dismissals and misdiagnoses, pushing her to the brink of hopelessness.

Yet, it was in her darkest moments that she found her true strength. Kristin had a choice: learn how to lead her own healing journey, or settle for a life no bigger than the inside of her home. She chose to lead, even though she didn’t have the energy for it.

Kristin’s story is not just about illness; it’s about transformation, the power of self-advocacy, and the discovery of healing on her terms. Her journey illuminates a path for others, offering hope and actionable insights.


In WDSYF, Kristin reveals:

  • the strategies and processes she used to reclaim her life and career
  • how to avoid common pitfalls perpetuated by wellness culture
  • the exact process she uses for her clients to find great doctors who run enough tests to discover the root cause of your illness. 

Kristin hasn’t relapsed since 2015.

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Why This Book is Different

No Quick Fixes

Unlike the standard health advice cluttering the internet, this book focuses on sustainable healing practices tailored to your unique needs.

From Experience

Every strategy and insight comes from Kristin’s personal struggles and victories over health challenges, backed by a decade of experimentation and application.

Beyond Wellness Trends

Kristin critically examines pervasive online wellness culture, connecting the dots between generic health advice and conflicting recommendations, and filling the gaps with practical, lived experience.

Cover of When Doctors Say You're Fine: How to regain your life after years of dismissed symptoms.

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